Gothic Binding (1300-1600)

This was my very first attempt to make a Gothic binding and I loved it! Making the brass furnishings perfectly straight proved to be quite a challenge but I’m happy with them for being the first attempt and for being under time pressure when I made them. Gothic bindings were often elaborately decorated with blindtooling, metal furnishings, fastenings, endbands and painted edges. On my book I chose to cut back on the decorations and fastenings but I couldn’t resist making the beautiful braided leather endbands which is one of the many gorgeous types of endbands that were common on these books.

Must.. make.. more!

So very beautiful. Marvelous work!


We are humbled and thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a 2014 Working Lands Grant to update our creamery. We make all our caramel and cheese in our creamery in the back of our barn and these funds will help make our operation more sustainable and efficient.  We are so excited and lucky to live in a place such as Vermont that helps support the working landscape.